Hair Rejuv, Ayurvedic Medicine, 60 capsules

100% Natural

60 Capsules 500 Mg each

Hair Rejuv: According to Ayurveda, proper hair care involves nourishing the hair follicles from the outside and inside. Regular use of "Hair Rejuv" gives the hair the nutrition it needs. This combination is an excellent source of vitally important nutrients for healthy, shiny, vibrant hair as nature intended. It's never too late to rejuvenate lifeless, thin or brittle hair. Bring back the shiny glow to your hair! Results are guaranteed after 2-3 months of continuous use. Ayurvedic Physician Formulated.

Ingredients: Contains standardized extracts of Emblica officinalis, Herpestis monniera. Evolvus alsinoides, Nardostachys jatamansi, Vitis vinifera.

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