Chlorella pyrenoidosa

aka: One-celled Green Algae

Properties and Uses:
Highest known source of natural chlorophyll. Chlorena detoxifies the liver and bloodstream. It cleanses the bowel and feeds friendly bowel flora. It helps the body absorb iron. In one study 1416 men took the equivalent of six capsules daily. Chlorella greatly increased their bodies' resistance to cold viruses. In another Japanese study, it accelerated the healing of serious wounds. When taken with prescribed medication, chlorella hastens the healing of peptic and duodenal ulcers and gastritis. One study with tumor-bearing mice indicates that chlorella stimulates the natural immune system to protect the body from cancer. Chlorella promotes repair of damaged tissues. It contains up to 10% RNA and 3% DNA. Studies have shown that chlorella assists the body in clearing heavy metals, PCB's and other harmful chemicals from the intestinal tract. It is effective for hypoglycernia, constipation and elevated blood fat levels.



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