Vitex negundo

Properties and Uses:
According to Ayurvedic tradition, Nirgundi leaves are used externally as an antiparasitic and discutient, and used internally as an aromatic alterative with bitter, anodyne, and vermifugal properties. The leaves dispell inflammatory swellings of the joints from acute rheumatism and sprains, and the leaves are stuffed inside pillow cases to aid with insomnia, headache, and breathing. The oil is used to treat sinus conditions, wounds, ulcers, syphyllis, and skin disease. The root is a tonic febrifuge and an expectorating diuretic. The fruit is a small berry looking like a tiny peppercorn, with nervine, cephalic, and emmenagogue properties. Nirgundi is generally regarded as a cardiac tonic, helpful with skin problems, dyspepsia, colic, liver disorders, post partum conditions, menopause, PMS, and dysmenorrhea. It is commonly called "Chaste Tree," but should not be confused with thesimilar and related plant "Vitex angus castus."

Nirgundi LEAF


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