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Africa's Botanical Gift for the Liver

Deep in the jungles of Africa, the Borututu tree (Cochlospermum angolensis) yields many treasures in its bark, making a delicious tea rich in time honoured healing energies. Traditionally used to manage conditions related to liver function, indigestion, sluggishness, and as a broad spectrum tonic to the entire gastrointestinal system and hepato-biliary system.

The Borututu Bark (Cochlospermum angolensis) originates from Africa. Widely recognized and treasured as a tonic for its healing properties. Traditional African medicine uses it in a wide variety of conditions - it is commonly taken internally as a beverage, and applied externally as a wash. Borututu is especially renowned for its ability to assist in the management of hepatic illness, i.e., conditions of the liver and gallbladder. Borututu bark is a 100% natural and powerful broad spectrum cleansing agent, primarily known for its detoxifying properties. Its acquired fame led to increasing use among newly arrived Colonialists, who adopted the beverage as a preventive remedy.

Rich in active ingredients such as quinones, catechins, phenols, and bioflavonoids, Borututu has a wealth of substances with proven physiological effects. It is additionally useful for problems related to the stomach, urinary tract, gallbladder system, and spleen. As a blood cleansing alterative, Borututu positively influences the fluidity of the blood, lowering cholesterol and normalizing the arterial tension. used externally as a wash, good results are often seen in herpes, sores and other diseases. It is a diuretic of considerable strength, plus it assists in the elimination of fat and therefore is useful for weight reducition, which has shown to be true by a laboratory study involving hundreds of participants.

Our Borututu bark have been chosen and prepared exclusively by Julio De Sousa Lopes, the main prponent of its use, and easily Borututu's biggest fan. He is passionately devoted to exploring and extolling the virtues of this wonderful natural medicine, spreading the word to all who will listen that conditions otherwise not treatable by modern medicine may be helped by this plant. J. S. Lopes personally selects and harvests only from the most lush zones as one of many steps to ensure a premium quality product, rich in active ingredients. Throughout each and every stage of development that the Borututu makes, from the growth in the wild, to the harvest, and all the way to the laboratory, the bark is accompanied and monitored personally by J.S.Lopes, who personally guarantees its authenticity, origin, and excellent quality.

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Available In:

  • Bulk -- 70g  $17.00
  • Capsules -- 60 caps  $22.00
  • Extract -- 200mL $28.75
  • Tea Bags -- 30 bags  $17.00
  • Tincture -- 30mL / 20 ampules  $26.00
    Mond Trading Co. Toronto Canadian Distributor and Authorized User of the Trademark Borututu

    Canadian Distributor Mond Trading Co. - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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