Prickly Ash, Southern

Zanthoxylum clava herculis

Properties and Uses:
Has a lignan called fagarol which is toxic to cancer & viruses; removes obstructions in every part of the body; a general stimulant, to enhance herbs in this formula. Prickly Ash For signs of poor circulation such as cold extremities, varicose veins and chilblains, it is a stimulating tonic, used as a carminative, it will increase digestive juices and warm the stomach and will promote the appetite.

Bark tea or tincture historically used by American Indians and herbalists for chronic rheumatism, dyspepsia, dysentery, kidney trouble, heart trouble, colds, coughs, lung ailments, and nervous debility. When chewed, bark induces copious salivation. Once popular to stimulate mucous surfaces, bile, and pancreas activity. Bark chewed for toothaches. Berry tea used for sore throats, tonsillitis; also used as a diuretic. Also a folk cancer remedy.

Prickly Ash, Southern BARK


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