Plumbago zeylanica

Properties and Uses:
According to Ayurvedic traditions, Chitrak increases the digestive powers, promoting appetite, and used to treat a variety of disorders of the alimentary tract, such as dyspepsia, diarrhea, and piles. It is an antiseptic, and is also useful in the management of skin disorders, rheumatism, and mental disorders. The paste is applied externally to the skin, where it acts as an irritant and opens abscesses. It decreases blood pressure slightly, and is used only with great caution internally, because it can cause abortion, and large doses can cause respiratory failure. It is an ingredient in Yograj Guggulu.

Chitrak BARK


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Half Pound

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One Pound

Herbie's Herbs' Tinctures

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Compared to other methods, alcohol helps extract nearly all active constituents from a herb yielding stronger tinctures that require a lower dose to attain beneficial effects.

Alcohol eliminates the growth of bacteria and mold while preserving the valuable constituents resulting in a much longer shelf life.