Culver's Root

Leptandra virginica

aka: Black Root

Properties and Uses:
The fresh root is too irritating to be used, although a decoction may be employed with care. The dried root has laxative, cholagogue, and tonic properties. As a laxative and tonic it is very useful in conditions associated with torpidity of the liver. This admirable remedy is one of the ingredients of our Formula No. 99.

Atony of liver, gallbladder and intestines, and enfeebled portal circulation; hepatitis, cholecystitis, and non-obstructive jaundice. Chronic constipation associated with liver congestion. Specific in chronic enteritis. Poor digestion and dyspepsia due to atony of the stomach and liver.

Cautions: Avoid large doses during pregnancy. Discontinue or lower dosage if extract causes abdominal pain.

Culver's Root ROOT


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Culver's Root

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