Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba

Properties and Uses:
Vasodilator, antioxidant. Ginkgo dilates blood vessels, and increases circulation and blood flow in the capillaries. It is effective for macular degeneration because of increased blood flow to the eyes. It is useful for weakness of hearing and vision, Clinical studies indicate that patients with inflamed arteries experienced a reduction of pain. They could walk longer and for greater distances. It reduced ringing in the ears of 103 patients. In a group of senile patients, significant improvement was noted after three months of taking ginkgo. It helps prevent premature memory loss.

Ginkgo Biloba LEAF


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Compared to other methods, alcohol helps extract nearly all active constituents from a herb yielding stronger tinctures that require a lower dose to attain beneficial effects.

Alcohol eliminates the growth of bacteria and mold while preserving the valuable constituents resulting in a much longer shelf life.