Paullinia cupana

Properties and Uses:
Analgesic, antibacterial, aphrodisiac, astringent, cardiotonic, diuretic, febrifuge, nervine, purgative, stimulant, tonic, vasodilator.

Guarana is a gentle stimulant that works both quickly and effectively, revitalizing mind and body, and improving performance. Unlike Ginseng or Royal Jelly, Guarana works really fast. Aphrodisiac, Tonic, Sedative, CNS Stimulant, and Hormone Stimulant Guarana acts very quickly - within days or sometimes hours. Ginseng sometimes require weeks of use to reach an effective level. One of the beneficial effects of Guarana is the result of a clutch of xanthines, known in its country of origin as Guaranine. These include a tetramethytxanthine similar to caffeine, at a level of between 3% and 5%; around 1% theobromine.

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Compared to other methods, alcohol helps extract nearly all active constituents from a herb yielding stronger tinctures that require a lower dose to attain beneficial effects.

Alcohol eliminates the growth of bacteria and mold while preserving the valuable constituents resulting in a much longer shelf life.