Origanum marjorana

Properties and Uses:
Antispasmodic, calmative, carminative, diaphoretic, expectorant, stomachic, tonic. An infusion of the fresh herb has beneficial effects on upset stomach and indigestion, headache colic, and nervous complaints, as well as on coughs, whooping cough, and other respiratory ailments. It also helps to relieve abdominal cramps in women and will regulate the menstrual cycle when taken three or four days before the regular time. An infusion of the flowers is said to prevent seasickness and to have a calming effect. Wild marjoram oil is also used externally in liniments and lotions and will ease toothache when dropped into a hollow tooth. The tea makes a calming and tonic bath additive. The bruised leaves made into a sleep Pillow may be helpful for insomnia.

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Herbie's Herbs' Tinctures

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Compared to other methods, alcohol helps extract nearly all active constituents from a herb yielding stronger tinctures that require a lower dose to attain beneficial effects.

Alcohol eliminates the growth of bacteria and mold while preserving the valuable constituents resulting in a much longer shelf life.