Melilotus officinalis

aka: Sweet Clover

Properties and Uses:
Aromatic; carminative; expectorant; antithrombotic; anti-spasmodic; antibiotic. Formerly used in a wide range of conditions. May be taken regularly to help prevent thrombosis; also to treat bronchial catarrh and flatulence. Externally applied to wounds and skin inflammations and can be used with care on inflamed eyes. The seeds possess antibiotic activity. Formerly used in herb beer; flowers and seeds used to flavour Gruyere cheese, snuff and smoking tobacco. Limited cosmetic use where hay-like aroma is required. Large doses are emetic.

White Clover:

Properties and Uses:
Dried flowering plant once used in ointments for external ulcers. in animal studies, components lower blood pressure.

CAUTION Coumarins in this clover may decrease blood clotting.

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