Mixed Herb Formulas

Agastya Haritaki

Properties and Uses:This is a "Vata pacifying" formula for cough, nervous disorders, to promote digestion, relieve constipation or diarrhea, and to assist in the management of asthma, tumors, heart diseases, skin problems, itching, hemorrhoids, menorrhagia, spermatorrhea, and general conditions of the eyes, voice, and mind. It dissolves "ama," and is also used in dysentry, for flatulence, and as a purgative. The blend has all six tastes of Ayurveda, predominantly salty, and the body's enzymes are reputedly activated by this compound's hot character.
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Properties and Uses:Tonic and sedative to Vata constitution. Made as a decoction with 1 teaspoon per cup simmered and boiled down to 1/4 cup. Useful after partruition, or as an enema during PK. Also good for influenza, colds, neuralgia, and headaches. One-quarter cup consumed daily for twenty-one days functions as a rapid cell rejuvenator.
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Ghee - Natural, 341 g

341 gOur natural, clarified Ghee butter is made with the highest quality sweet butter
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Hingwastika Churna

Properties and Uses:Traditionally classified as increasing Pitta, and used for Vata type indigestion, this compund has properties generally described as carminiative, stimulant, and antispasmodic, and is used to manage abdominal distention, gas, colic, children's bronchitis, and pneumonia.
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Kama Duda

Composed of: Tinosporia cordifolius, Mukta Pishti, and Praval Pishti.
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Saraswati Churna

Properties and Uses:Nervine tonic and stimulant used traditionally mainly for Vata disorders involving mental weakness, nervous strain, epilepsy, weakness of voice, and hemiplegia.
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