Bog Bean

Buck Bean

Buck Bean
Menyanthes trifoliata

Buck Bean LEAF


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Properties and Uses:
Dried leaf or root tea traditionally a digestive tonic; used for fevers, rheumatism, liver ailments, dropsy, worms, skin diseases; astringent, stops bleeding. Science confirms phenolic acids may be responsible for bile-secreting, digestive tonic, and bitter qualities.

Antirheumatic, anti-acrid, appetising, stomachic, antiscorbutic, diuretic, depurative, cholagogue, emetic, tonic, deobstruent, cathartic, febrifuge, hypnotic, nervine, sedative, slightly narcotic. Also contains saponin, phytosterin, fatty oil, wax, manganese, invert sugar, cholin, vitamin A, vitamin C, carotin, iron, and iodine.

Warning: Fresh plant causes vomiting.

Herbie's Herbs' Tinctures

Herbie’s Herbs tinctures are alcohol-based preparations macerated in 50% distilled cane sugar alcohol at a 1:2 ratio. Read more here

Compared to other methods, alcohol helps extract nearly all active constituents from a herb yielding stronger tinctures that require a lower dose to attain beneficial effects.

Alcohol eliminates the growth of bacteria and mold while preserving the valuable constituents resulting in a much longer shelf life.