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Maybe you’ve stumbled upon a website with a formula that sounds just right or perhaps a herbalist recommended a unique combination of herbs for you. Whatever the case may be, we carry a wide variety of tinctured herbs that are ready to be made into a formula just for you.

Herbie's Herbs creates all formulas on demand and has them shipped out to you within one to two business days. We ship worldwide. Our tinctures are of the greatest strengths available on the market.

From traditional tried and tested herbal remedies
to an afternoon pick-me-up, mix it, and we’ll ship it.

Suggestions to get you started:

Detox Tonic
Personalize Formula
Milk Thistle seed
Dandelion root
Chickweed herb
Uva Ursi leaf
Rosemary leaf
Joint Tonic
Personalize Formula
Devil's Claw root
Turmeric root
Boswellia resin
White Willow bark
Ginger root
Male Tonic
Personalize Formula
American Ginseng root
Horny Goat Weed
Damiana leaf
Hibiscus flower
Butcher's Broom root
Female Tonic
Personalize Formula
Raspberry Leaf
Dong Quai root
Chastetree berry
Black Cohosh root
Cinnamon bark

How it works

Select the tincture size you need.

Select herbs to add to your formula.

100ml & 250 ml formulas have a 5 and 10 herb limit respectively.

Adjust the quantities of each herb.

You can chose to define each quantity in milliliters, parts or percentages.

Share your creation with others

Share what you make on facebook or privately via link.

Manage your formulas

Are you a herbalist?

Keep your formulas ready-to-order on our site. Private, unless you want to share them with others.