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Complete Cleanser (Part 2)

$232.81 CAD

complete cleanser (part 2)

Herb Quantity
Blessed Thistle herb- Cnicus benedictus 31.25 ml
Watercress herb- Nasturtium officinale 31.25 ml
Schizandra Berries - Schisandra chinensis 31.25 ml
Neem leaf- Azadirachta indica 31.25 ml
Ground Ivy herb- Glechoma hederacea 31.25 ml
Kutki leaf- Picrorhiza kurroa 31.25 ml
Green Chiretta herb- Andrographis paniculata 31.25 ml
False daisy leaf- Eclipta alba 31.25 ml
Punarnava root- Boerhaavia diffusa 31.25 ml
Barberry root bark- Berberis vulgaris 31.25 ml
Guduchi root- Tinospora cordifilius 31.25 ml
Skullcap herb- Scutellaria lateriflora 31.25 ml
Black Radish root- Raphanus niger 31.25 ml
Beet root- Beta vulgaris 31.25 ml
Tulsi leaf- Ocimum sanctum 31.25 ml
Sarsaparilla root- Smilax officinalis 31.25 ml
Elder berries- Sambucus nigra 31.25 ml
Chicory root- Cichorium intybus 31.25 ml
Lemon peel- Citrus limon 31.25 ml
Golden Rod herb- Solidago virgaurea 31.25 ml
Walnut, Black hull- Juglans nigra 31.25 ml
Sage leaf- Salvia officinalis 31.25 ml
Yellow Dock root- Rumex crispus 31.25 ml
Yarrow flower- Achillea millefolium 31.25 ml
Usnea Lichen - Usnea barbata 31.25 ml
Goldenseal root- Hydrastis canadensis 31.25 ml
Chamomile, German flower- Matricaria chamomilla 31.25 ml
Garlic - Allium sativum 31.25 ml
Chickweed herb- Stellaria media 31.25 ml
Parsley root- Petroselinum sativum 31.25 ml
Pumpkin seed- Cucurbita maxima 31.25 ml
Thyme leaf- Thymus vulgaris 31.25 ml
Total Quantity 1000 ml


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Provides complete dextoxification of toxins and metal from the body through lymphatic, urinary, biliary and digestive channels. Helps to rejuvinate entire body from using all powerful cleansing herbs. It will open your senses, clears mental fog, dizziness, improves vision, nasal passages, hearing, blood circulation, tissue inflammation, edema and swelling, clears skin from acne, spots, dark circles, dryness and eczema by purifying blood from impurites. Eliminates joint, knee and back pains. Dissolves blood clots from arteries, veins, lungs, heart and brain. Balances pH, sugar, cholesterol, stomach acid levels and alkalize your entire body. FORMULA BY: Hamzah Shaikh.


This Cleanser must be use with only Part 1 of Full Body Cleanser.
Shake well before use. Adults (Ages 18-60 only) take 10-15 drops in 1 cup of water along with Part 1 of Complete Cleanser's 10-15 drops, half an hour before or 2 hours after meal 2-3 times a day. Leave 2 hours of intervel between other medications.

WARNING: Do not use this medication for more than 4 weeks. Consult physician before using this product, may not be suitable for persons who are younger than 18 years of age, elderly aged over 60 years or for patients with serious health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Discontinue to use immediately if notice any allergies or side effect.